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Chemistry with Study Abroad MCHEM F110 Full Time

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Chemistry with Study Abroad F110

Department Chemistry
Programme code CHMU35
Course Duration (months) 45
UCAS Code F110
Entry Year 2020
Fee Year 2020
Mode of attendance Full Time
Fees Status Home
Tuition Fee £9,250
Additional costs

The annual fee for your course includes a number of items in addition to your tuition. If an item or activity is classed as a compulsory element for your course, it will normally be included in your tuition fee. There are also other costs which you may need to consider.

Examples of what's included and excluded

As part of your tuition fee you'll receive:

- a Learning Resource Pack: the latest versions of our four required core text books used across all years of your study; a molecular model kit to help you visualise 3D chemical structures; tutorial workbooks; an electronic copy of our departmental data booklet; a pocket-sized periodic table

- a Laboratory Resource Pack: laboratory coat, safety glasses, A4 laboratory notebook, a USB stick for your laboratory data, safety gloves, comprehensive laboratory manuals, an electronic version of The Laboratory Assistant

- online resources: access to a range of online resources to specialist chemistry software, such as ChemDraw and CrystalMaker, to draw out and animate complex chemical structures plus required software via managed desktops

- poster presentation costs and thesis binding in your fourth year

If your course involves a year abroad or placement then you may need to pay for any additional costs involved with relocating. You'll be required to pay for any ancillary materials and textbooks.

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  • This list shows tuition fees for new entrants starting in the academic year/s shown above.
  • The fee for full-time and distance learning courses of more than one year will usually increase in subsequent years of study, usually in line with inflation.
  • Fees for most two-year part-time courses are 50% of the equivalent full-time course, for twice the number of years. The fee increases in subsequent years of study, usually in line with inflation
  • If you're planning to study for a postgraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate only, contact the Student Fees Team (see below) or department for tuition fees.

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