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Physics and Astrophysics MPHYS F3F5 Full Time

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Physics and Astrophysics F3F5

Department Physics and Astronomy
Programme code PHYU11
Course Duration (months) 45
UCAS Code F3F5
Entry Year 2020
Fee Year 2020
Mode of attendance Full Time
Fees Status Home
Tuition Fee £9,250
Additional costs

The annual fee for your course includes a number of items in addition to your tuition. If an item or activity is classed as a compulsory element for your course, it will normally be included in your tuition fee. There are also other costs which you may need to consider.

Examples of what’s included and excluded

Lab materials are provided as part of your tuition fee. All undergraduate students will be provided with an annual allowance to help offset some printing costs. L1 and L2 students receive '5 credit and L3 and L4 receive '10 credit.

There may be some additional printing costs above the annual allowance. There may also be additional costs involved with relocating for a placement year/year abroad, if you choose this option.

Physics and Astrophysics students take a compulsory 10 credit astronomy project in the third year (PHY319). As part of the project some students can choose to undertake an optional field trip to the observatory on La Palma. Those choosing to go on the field trip will be required to pay 50% of the costs, with the department paying the other 50%.

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  • This list shows tuition fees for new entrants starting in the academic year/s shown above.
  • The fee for full-time and distance learning courses of more than one year will usually increase in subsequent years of study, usually in line with inflation.
  • Fees for most two-year part-time courses are 50% of the equivalent full-time course, for twice the number of years. The fee increases in subsequent years of study, usually in line with inflation
  • If you’re planning to study for a postgraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate only, contact the Student Fees Team (see below) or department for tuition fees.

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